Home Office Set Up with an Art Gallery and Hobby Corners

Objavljeno: 17. 09. 2020

Having an inspiring home office set up is essential for working from home, in order to be efficient and feel good at the same time.

Before and After Story: Home Office Set Up

The client, who rents a home in a charming building from the 1930s (in Arnhem, The Netherlands), asked me to recreate her home office space with mostly the same and some new furniture (limited budget), to give it a more modern twist. The room would serve several purposes; as an office, as a place for herself, where she could enjoy her hobbies in spare time, and also as a place where she could meet up with her clients and friends. She likes to collect global artwork, make jewelry, read books, and play the piano.

When I examined the room for the first time, I could see lots of potentials! The most charming features of this room are classic French doors, which open to the living room, there is an original 1930’s open fireplace, and the room has a high ceiling and large windows that fill the room with plenty of natural light.

2015 - Manuela's galery-hobby room1

After a detailed conversation with the client, I quickly envisioned furniture centered by the fireplace to create a cozy feel and a better flow. I took detailed measurements of the room and the furniture for space planning. Reconfiguring the furniture arrangement that would accommodate each and every activity going on in this room, allows the space to be better utilized, with a new fresh flow, and serve the client’s needs.

During the years my client collected some new furniture and some antique items, different textiles, amazing artwork, all in different colors and styles! Mixing the styles, textures, and shades together, bringing them closer to a more balanced eclectic color palette, I blended in grey window blinds, a grey floor lamp, new decorative pillows, and accessories, finished with grey satin (re-upholstered the antique chair and custom made number of items like decorative pillows, curtain ties, and jewelry display).

The global-African painting above the fireplace with a jewelry display...
Home Office with an Art Gallery and Hobby Corners
Home Office with an Art Gallery and Hobby Corners

As mentioned before, the client’s wish, among others, was to have also a home art gallery in this room. Therefore, as a final touch to the whole atmosphere, a carefully chosen collection of stunning paintings from a local artist, were hanged against pure white walls.

Global-African paintings in the reading and piano corner
Home Office with an Art Gallery and Hobby Corners
Multi-purpose Eclectic Home Office with an Art Gallery and Hobby Corners

How would you feel working from home in an office set up like this?

Would love to hear back from you 🙂


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