Spring Color Schemes with “Marsala” – Color of the Year 2015

Objavljeno: 26. 01. 2015

Spring is around the corner and some of you would perhaps like to add some fresh spin to your space. Would you like to try that with the rich and warm color of the year “Marsala”, Pantone 18-1438 (I wrote about it in one of my previous posts)? You like it, but you and aren’t sure how to incorporate it into your home color scheme? 

You can always combine “Marsala” with greys and creams, but do you wonder what it happens when “she” gets the company of other hues?

I created five color schemes for you to see how to pair Marsala with other colors:

1. Mostly “Marsala” in diverse textures for extremely warm and elegant atmosphere:

2. “Marsala” blend with tangerine, combined with diverse textures, copper and bronze, and wood – for an earthy atmosphere with a twist: 

3. “Marsala” room with beige, and a touch of different shades of grey, a splash of yellow, with well balanced textures – for an elegant, happy home atmosphere:

4.”Marsala” paired with pink, red and white – creates a sensual, feminine, and romantic atmosphere:

5. “Marsala” in a company of deep blue and green, some aquamarine, and a dash of yellow, altogether paired with natural wood – for a pleasant, calm and soothing atmosphere:

The exciting thing about designing with “Marsala” is that every room gets a sense of elegance and warmth at the same time! There are endless options to “play” with “Marsala”, depending on personal color preference, etc. Do you have your favorite?

Have a nice day 🙂


*All color schemes are designed by A-Interior Designs, Anita Janjic

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