Decorating for Xmas 2014

Objavljeno: 21. 11. 2014

Each year at this time, since I have been living in The Netherlands, I visit my favorite Christmas decoration shop, called the Intratuin. They are known for the most inspiring Christmas Show in the country. However, I went there to get some inspirations and decorating ideas for the coming holiday season, and to see what’s new this year.

What I saw was almost overwhelming! Let me share some bits of that with you :-)!

1. Naturals & Wooden Trees!
Simple charming wooden trees, can be frosted, and decorated with other naturals, such as cones, leaves, berries, copper, and much more!

2. Red & Green!
Classic, but for some there is no Christmas without those colors :-). Bulbs, flowers, matched with black for very formal atmosphere.

3. Gold
Irresistible sparkling golden bulbs, matched with lace and satin would sure create that lavish magical feel during the holidays.

4. Copper, copper, copper!
I love copper! That was the most inspiring and the hottest trend I have noticed in 2014, comparing the event with last year. I would say, copper is a new gold. Paired with naturals, antic pink, peach, bronze and dark green, would jazz up any Christmas tree.

I really hope this post would help you finding your favorite decorations, which would invite the magic spirit of the holiday season into your home.

Happy decorating 🙂

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