Classy Copper is Back in Trend

Objavljeno: 25. 10. 2014

One of the latest trends that really inspire me lately, is seeing copper in interior design and architecture. I remember orange-redish glossy copper pots and dishes from my grand mother’s kitchen. They have such a nostalgic impact on me!

Walking through old parts of cities, my eyes would stop at the green oxidized copper roofing of churches and impressive older buildings. Copper had been around for centuries, and now is back in trend!

That means that silver, nickel, and stainless steel, which have been seen as metalic decorating materials in modern interior design for years, got a respectful company. Copper is used in interiors and exteriors. Indoors is mostly seen as wall covering, light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, cookware, and even furniture! Outdoors you can find it on roofs, gutters, front doors, pergolas, and more.

Usually metals give luxury, but slightly cold feeling. Copper is one of rare metals that warm up the space. Because it has been around for centuries, it has a nostalgic impact on people. Depending on what style are the products, and how they are incorporated into style of spaces, that can change the feel from homey, rustic, modern to classy, with a strong taste of luxuriousness.

Bellow you can see some examples of copper in interiors and exteriors:

Copper in the kitchen for nostalgic, rustic and homey feel, but also modern if looking at the modern kitchen appliance on the picture.

Copper lighting for modern, subtle or rustic atmosphere.

Furniture made of copper – from modern to traditional.

Copper makes every bathroom luxurious!

Exterior copper finishes nowdays!

How do you feel about letting copper into your home or other spaces?

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